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About Us
About Xie Yuda
In 1875, Mr.Xie Zheng'an, the founder of Xie Yuda Company,created Huangshan Maofeng Tea. Since then, Xie Yuda has become the origin with high quality & the famous tea manufac-turer, being devoted to innovation, Its products cover green tea,black tea, &scented tea.
As a family enterprise with over a century of history Xie Yuda haswon praise for its reputation of integrity &excellence, its adherence to the ethics of business referring the proper way totea manufacturing &its products with pure quality.
International Exchanges
"Sincerely welcome all global guests, winning high reputation byXieyuda Company. " Xieyuda Tea is widely favored by globalfriends, including government dignitaries, scholars, etc. Such asRussian President Putin, Germany Prime Minister Merkel,etc..
Xieyuda has maintained a long term relationship with its businesspartners in China &the rest of the world, Such as TPWuyutai, Coco,Unilever (Lipton Project), Slarbucks ( Teawana Project) etc..
About Quality Control
Tea Garden Management
Xie Yuda has adopted the cooperative form of Farmer Household' Cooperation,insisting on long-term training, supervision, prevention and other effective control,making Tea Garden devolop in a sustainable way. It is the first that gets "RA certification"which ensures tea raw material not to be contaminated.
Production Technology
Xie Yuda owns the world-class intelligent cleansing production process to reducethe risk of secondary pollution during tea processing.Among them, about China'sfamous tea, our main tea covers Huangshan Maofeng, Keemun black tea, Lu'anGuapian, Taiping Houkui,etc.. Besides, there are 6 core production bases &8 modern production lines.
Basic Information
  • Main Products:
    Green tea,Black tea,Scented tea
  • Company Type:
    Manufacture & Trade
  • Business Range:
    Tea ,
  • Number of Employees:
    500 ~ 1000
  • Established Year:
  • Total Annual Sales Volume:
    US$10 Million - US$50 Million
  • Main Markets:
    Southeast Asia,Africa,Mid East,Western Europe,
Contact Information
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